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Ultraviolet ray and union of Nai rice technology hold form disinfection implemen
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Caught a cold, had a fever, coughing to just discover is ill really (- . - ! ! ) . Alleged Out of the mouth comes evil. , disease enters from the mouth certainly. If you were tired of 84 disinfection, these avoid in hoping to live again 7788 when, the hand-held that tries Hammacher Schlemmer disinfects edge tool - - ' UV-C ' ultraviolet ray and the product that Nai rice technology combines (powdery resemblingMobile phone, express by becloud of false photograph place) .

He can disinfect the major bacteria in the life (so-called coccus of the coliform organisms of 99.99 % , grape... ) , still can be aimed at domestic articles for use, be like: The creates a bacteria easily stuff of and so on of computer, computer, tooth brush disinfects say. Use method is as simple as look of course, should want to disinfect in you only east east above illuminate with respect to O (it can give you question mark drop after OK) . Than 84 practical, still won't expire, can use for a long time it just 80 dollars.