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Acquisition of subsidiary Xinhua disinfection of medical services to consolidat
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Acquisition of subsidiary Shandong Xinhua Medical Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. Hua was involved with the sterilizer production, management of all assets, with the promotion of health reform policy, primary health care sector gradually expand the market, this acquisition to further strengthen our company, to consolidate the company's leading position in the disinfection of medical. Xinhua Medical (600587:26.48, +0.28, ↑ 1.07) 11 月 30 release announcement said the sixth twenty-ninth session of the Board agreed to acquired 15% shares of a subsidiary of Shandong Hua may have involved medical supplies Co., Ltd. sterilizer production, management of all assets (including current assets and fixed assets). Andhra medical care involved in this asset transfer all operations to the company, no longer operating the business. Involved in the asset purchase price for 5,508,500 yuan of assets. Disinfection and sterilization equipment is the company's core business and main source of income consists of hospital infection control equipment and pharmaceutical equipment, the two blocks. Disinfection and sterilization equipment, the company is the leader in high-end market share of 60%, and its radiation therapy equipment, the average domestic market share of more than 30%. The acquisition further strengthens Xinhua medical status in the disinfection equipment, medical equipment company into a carrier basis. Main business benefit from health reform policy to promote, mainly large-scale construction of primary health care institutions spawned the peak procurement of hospital equipment, good hospital disinfection and sterilization equipment, while a strong R & D capabilities, pre-cleaning and disinfection of devices developed by companies project and non-PVC soft bag infusion automatic production line has begun to contribute to profits for the company, these two projects will be important to the company's future profit growth. A non-PVC soft bag production line with the current mainstream technology in Germany has been compared to PLUEMAT was close, but with a clear price advantage (less than the other 1 / 2). A non-PVC soft bag production line-than-expected sales, which sales the first three quarters of which more than 30, far beyond the 20 year production plan. With the introduction of new GMP standards, faces the same infusion line needs replacement, the future can still be of high growth. In addition, the solid - liquid two-chamber bags of non-PVC soft bag production line the company is expected to become one of the highlights of the business. The production line is mainly targeted at high-end customers, the price of up to 2,000 million / bar, has now sold three, but because of policies and regulations of the pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical companies try out new applications for up to two years, not yet recognized revenue, if everything goes well, recognition of revenue from next year after another. In addition to the existing business, the company is committed to diversity, to build medical equipment carrier. Medical device company has as a breakthrough in high-end, respectively, from two independent research and development and extension of M & A aspects. Since 2009, carry out strategic research and development, first year investment of 2,000 million yuan, the future will be in Beijing and Shanghai, the company established a strategic R & D Center, currently part of the project has come about to enter the industrial stage. Extension of M & A is the diversification of the company to achieve the main path. The first three quarters of the company revenue 880 million, up 40%; net profit attributable to parent company 4,248 million, an increase of 53.2%, earnings per share of 0.32 yuan. Third quarter operating income of 370 million, an increase of 54%; net profit attributable to parent company 1,740 million, an increase of 73.8%.